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Wendy Hargreaves
About The Author


Wendy Hargreaves wrote this book to help anyone that wants to keep goats.

Wendy said, “I believe that my book will give all readers enough information in plain language to help them get a good start.”

“Many people that have asked me about goats have had reservations because of misinformation which is out there.”

“I’ve concentrated on giving the facts, to the best of my knowledge. It is all based on the combined knowledge of many goat owners who have shared their experience, both good and bad, with me directly and during my research," she says.

She covers many points which will save each reader time, effort and money and help them treat their goats better from the start.

Keeping goats or any other animal is not to be taken on lightly. Your commitment can be for up to seven years and that’s 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

But, like almost everyone she has met met who has shared their lives with goats, whether two or hundreds, she found that her experiences with her goats and the people they brought me in contact with, have been some of the most satisfying and enjoyable times in her life.”

She is convinced that goat keeping is not push-button easy, but almost anyone that is reasonably fit and gives it a sincere effort, can make a success of keeping goats, whether for pets or as a business.

One thing she will guarantee is that your goats will ensure that it won’t be dull!

In her own words, “My Guide will help you over the bumps and increase the pleasure and satisfaction you get from your goat adventure.”



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