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Ken Smythe
About The Author

Ken Smythe was introduced to ducks at an early age, when he stayed at a farm belonging to a relative.

Ken said, “They had a variety of animals as well as chickens and ducks.”

“I enjoyed being around all of them. But, the ducks were a firm favorite for me right from the first time I saw them up close.”

Ken wrote his book for people that want to keep ducks to provide food for their table or as pets.

Ducks have other benefits apart from their eggs and meat.

They are fun to watch and can also be a great help keeping down the bugs and some other pests in gardens and orchards.

Ken said that many people think that ducks are more difficult to look after than chickens and need a great deal more room.

“I believe that my book will help my readers become successful duck owners.”

“They will learn that ducks have different requirements to chickens, for example, but they are not as hard to keep as many believe.”

“This ebook will help you to save time, money and avoid stress by giving you the information you need and the best tips for successful duck keeping.”

“It has all the information that you need to keep your ducks happy and productive!”



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